9 jun 2022



With this book we learnt about the history of America ( the American Civil War, the capital of USA and some of their symbols). In our opinion, the most interesting part of  was the chapter about myths and legends (Bigfoot, Johny Appleseed and Blackbeard’s ghost).


                        Dario Díaz Noya & Daniela Díaz Seijas


I learnt about Martin Luther King. He made a very important speech for the history of the United States. What I liked most was the chapters about myths and legends. But the most interesting part ws that of American holidays and traditions because they are very different.


                    Alexandra Tomé & Eugenia Sánchez

We learnt a lot of things about the history of the USA. One interesting aspect is that the book explains the reasons for American symbols (the bald eagle, the stars of the flag...). We loved the part about the American traditions and culture. The book is very good is you want to travel.


                   Laura García, Marta Cao &Uxía López



The most interesting part is the Blackbeard’s ghost because the legends are really wonderful.  I learnt that Martin Luther King was one of the most important leaders in the struggle for the equality in the USA. But what i liked most was the chapters about sports.


                                                                                    Nicol Pita


The most interesting part was the chapter about the capital of the USA because the White House is wonderful.  I learnt about the early history of North America and the War of Independence. But what I liked most was the Expansion and the Civil War because I love history.

                                                                                    Héctor López







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